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Services & Support

Network provides centralized services and support that deliver

Delivering what matters to run your business.

Network delivers more than products. It’s what we do before and after the sale that drives your business success. We shine in creating partnerships at every level to deliver powerful solutions that meet your company’s needs.

Whether your teams are looking for product training, cost containment strategies, or innovative ideas to improve operations, we have the services and expertise to fit your goals.

Explore our solutions to understand how Network is designed to deliver results for your team.

supply chain team solutions session

Centralized supply management

For more than 50 years, Network has invested in building respected relationships. Our influential position and approach to vendor management is a strategic business function, providing a multitude of benefits to customers – abundant and efficient vendor selection, ideal contract position, risk mitigation, and issue resolution – which together make it easier to meet your goals.

  • Sourcing and vendor selection
  • Negotiation and contract management
  • Risk mitigation and compliance
  • Cost control
  • Simplified onboarding
  • Data and metrics
  • Early access to Innovative product solutions

Online ordering

Network’s eCommerce solution, Marketplace, was built with customers in mind. The easy to navigate system simplifies the buying process, whether you have one location or one thousand, and allows a seamless path to procurement. Marketplace is an intuitive, multi-purpose platform to handle your organization’s supply ordering needs. User-friendly and dynamic, which includes mobile access, the platform allows your team to quickly search, browse, and order products. 

With Marketplace, you can easily review shipping, order details, and payment options before placing orders. For centralized or regional control, a set user can purchase or manage budgets for multiple ship-to locations, or set parameters so all orders follow corporate guidelines. Par Ordering and Par On-Hand functionality enhance the ability to proactively manage inventory levels and improve productivity.

Network industry Market Trends training session

Education and training

In the competitive environment of today, it’s important to keep up with market trends, sustainability, safety, infection prevention, and other fast-changing priorities. Network is designed to deliver the knowledge your organization needs to drive success. Connecting you to the top trusted experts in the industry, Network keeps you up-to-date with operations and industry-specific knowledge. A combination of web-based modules and live training programs are designed to improve business outcomes through education and knowledge.

Facility assessments

It’s no secret that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. Network has designed an assessment program,  Healthy Measures®, to standardize data collection, provide impact and outcome analysis, and offer insights to drive continuous progress.
The simple three step process allows you to identify and implement simple measures to ensure clean, safe, and efficient environments.

  1. Engage and interview staff
  2. Assess facility
  3. Deliver results with continuous improvement
Healthy building assessment team
Delivering an industry-specific, comprehensive analysis of your locations, including:
  • Benchmarking data
  • Process and product recommendations
  • Documentation to illustrate findings
  • Continuous improvement plan
  • Projected cost savings

IoT Connectivity

Buildings and business environments continue getting smarter through connected technologies. Transforming your business to connected devices can deliver better ways to manage inventory, improve productivity, and increase operational performance. Across industries smart devices and sensor innovations are changing supply chain processes and business operations.

Network partners closely with the manufacturers at the forefront of IoT technologies. From monitoring product usage in restrooms to predictive ordering and inventory management – when you’re ready to get on board with a connected world, let Network connect you to the solutions that help serve your customers faster, more efficiently, and more reliably. 


As a provider for large corporate accounts, we understand the importance of monitoring  purchase activities across multiple sites. With Network’s ordering and supply management site, our customers can feel secure that their built-in business rules and automatic budget alerts are monitoring program compliance 24/7. Plus, with real-time reporting, our customers have visibility into site-specific ordering activities whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them.

For distribution beyond delivery,
work with Network.