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Innovation and Services to Help with Labor Savings

Help Create Efficiencies and Improve Productivity

Widespread labor shortages compel organizations to identify efficiencies that keep business in motion. By standardizing operations, streamlining processes, and purchasing the right products, you can increase profits without compromising results.

Product Innovations & Services

  • IOT Systems reduce unproductive time checking and servicing dispensers (towel, tissue, hand hygiene) when it is not needed.
  • Electrostatic Tools apply chemical disinfectants after cleaning, which allows for faster and more effective coverage across all surfaces.
  • UV Disinfecting Systems utilized after cleaning help decrease the likelihood of pathogens remaining active after normal cleaning disinfecting procedures. This procedure may result in less risk of germs or healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) from prior occupants.
  • Ready-to-use, pre-moistened cleaning & disinfecting wipes can help eliminate the handling of laundered rags and chemical preparation while improving rates of disinfection.
  • Single-Use Microfiber Mops eliminate laundering and improve performance while assuring no cross contamination between rooms.
  • Large, ride-on auto floor scrubbers and burnishers as well as robotic equipment can help increase floor maintenance productivity while improving results.

Network DistributionĀ® (Network) is a global distribution organization supported by the power of local expertise. We work with customers to create and manage supply programs that ensure facilities have the products they need to generate business success.