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equipment manufacturing operations

Cost Reduction through Innovation

Network Brings Operational Benefit and Lower Cost

A manufacturer shipping high value medical devices had been utilizing the same industrial packaging processes for years. Resistant to make a change, leaders needed a strong case to support disrupting their long-successful packaging process.

The current solution utilized a variety of corrugate, glued foam inserts, and foam-in-bag protection. The system was messy and was the source of a number of employee complaints. Their products’ accessories were shipped in foam cut outs, which would sometimes get lost or thrown away with the packaging.

Due to the warm climate in the production facility, the foam packaging would occasionally expand out of specification, requiring employees to trim the foam with a knife.  This left a mess and put product integrity and employee safety at risk.

Additionally, packaging material arrived partially assembled.  Housing enough inventory for a week of production required additional storage space – found in trailers behind the production facility . 

Solution Development

Network’s distributor, Mac Papers, engaged with key management across the customer’s facility and its third party partners to fully define the scope and requirements of the project.

The team collaborated with industry leading packaging manufacturer, Sealed Air, to provide samples and engage in four rounds of testing on a customer ISTA certificated Korrvu system. The new system provided operational benefits, total overall cost savings, and an enhanced image.

Total Cost Savings

item in industrial packaging, ready to ship

Operational Improvements

Image Enhancements

We are excited about the sustainability position this packaging change has introduced. It has exceeded our expectations!”

Environmental engineer