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Cleaning Made Easy: A Guide to Janitorial Tools and Equipment

Cleaning Made Easy: A Guide to Janitorial Tools and Equipment

As a building service contractor (BSC), janitor, or custodian, having the right equipment can make a big difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of your cleaning tasks. According to a study conducted by ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association), investing in proper cleaning equipment can reduce cleaning times by up to 50%, and can also improve the effectiveness of cleaning tasks1. There are several types of janitorial equipment that can help make your job easier and more efficient and we will cover some below.


First, let’s talk about vacuum cleaners. These are essential tools for any cleaner, as they remove up to 90% to 95% of dirt, dust, and debris from floors and other surfaces.2 Vacuum cleaners come in many different types and sizes, from small handheld units to large industrial-grade machines. One important feature to consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner is the type of filter it uses, such as a HEPA filter. Having a fully sealed vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can remove up to 99% of particulate matter from carpets and rugs, which can otherwise contribute to poor indoor air quality and exacerbate allergies and asthma.3

Floor scrubbers are another important piece of equipment. These machines are used to scrub and clean large areas of tile, concrete, and other hard floor surfaces. They use less water, thereby allowing the floor to dry more quickly, but also leads to a more efficient clean than what a traditional mop and bucket can offer. Floor scrubbers come in many different sizes and styles, from small walk-behind models to large ride-on machines. They can be powered by electricity, batteries, or even propane. It is important to choose the right machine for the task and make sure that you have the right brushes, pads and solutions to do the job right

Auto Scrubbers are similar to floor scrubbers, but the difference is that they are self-propelled and have the ability to clean large areas quickly. These machines can be used to clean large areas of tile, concrete, and other hard floor surfaces with the help of a tank and a brush. They are great for cleaning high traffic areas and large buildings. According to ISSA, the use of auto scrubbers can save up to 90% of labor time compared to traditional mop and bucket cleaning methods.1 This is because auto scrubbers are more efficient at cleaning large areas and require less manual effort from the user. This labor savings can translate into significant cost savings for companies that invest in auto scrubbers for their cleaning needs.

Burnishers, Buffer or Polisher are specialized tools that are used to polish and maintain the shine of floors. They are great for restoring and maintaining the sheen of hard floors, like concrete and tile. They work by using rotating pads to buff and polish the floors, leaving them with a shiny, glossy finish. These machines are also useful for removing scuffs, stains, and other marks on the floor.

Carpet shampooers, extractors, and steamers are specialized tools that are used to clean carpets and upholstery. Carpet shampooers use a combination of water, cleaning solution, and suction to remove dirt and stains from carpets. Extractors and steamers use hot water and cleaning solution to remove dirt and stains, and they are great for cleaning carpets in high-traffic areas. Incorporating these tools into your cleaning program can help extend the life of your carpets up to 3x longer than poorly maintained carpet.4

Cleanliness drives greater customer loyalty, which supports your bottom line, and having the right equipment is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. From vacuums, floor scrubbers, burnishers, and carpet cleaners, there are many different types of specialty janitorial equipment that can help you do your job more efficiently and effectively. Partner with a specialty distributor who can help you identify and select the right tools for the task.





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