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Hand sanitizer shortage during the pandemic

5 Million Ounces of Hand Sanitizer Delivered Despite Supply Chain Challenges

Business Challenge

A large, multinational bank that offers financial products and services to millions of people throughout the United States needed to gain access to industry leading name-brand products when supplies were scarce. Specifically, this large financial institution experienced struggles securing FDA-approved hand sanitizer for their 700+ branches and 80 offices in the United States. By partnering with a reliable company, the bank was able to secure quality products for a competitive price, all within a convenient time frame.

Network Distribution and their team have been instrumental in standing up and navigating through the challenging supply chain over the past year for our client account. We could not have imagined a better resource partner for our COVID supply solutions.

Global Director of Operations - Cushman & Wakefield


The financial institution worked with their property manager, Cushman & Wakefield, in order to solve the procurement problem. Cushman & Wakefield connected their client account to Network Distribution, which allowed the bank to leverage the existing contract Cushman & Wakefield had with Network. The multi-national bank collaborated with Network’s responsive and resourceful team of category experts and developed a solution to procuring the supplies they needed. Network’s ability to pivot during a time of extremely difficult supply chain constraints was a critical contributing factor to getting the job done. Despite the limitations, the bank received 5,000,000 ounces of hand sanitizer for a price that was 38% lower than the average market price. They were able stock their locations with the needed hand hygiene products.


Through their experience working with Network and Cushman & Wakefield, the multinational bank realized many advantages:

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