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2024 Industrial Packaging Insights

Promising Growth on the Horizon

With a market size estimated at $63.3B in 2023, the Industrial Packaging Market is expected to grow at close to 5% and reach $80.9B by 2028. 1  Factors driving the growth of the Industrial Packaging Market include increase demand in the following sectors: 2

Trends Transforming the Market

With input costs on the rise and margins becoming increasingly tight, manufacturers are placing a strong emphasis on enhancing operational efficiency and productivity as they navigate the challenges of continuing economic uncertainties.3 4

Adopting Automation

Faced with labor challenges, manufacturers are increasingly automating packaging processes like depanning, filling, packing, and palletizing. This move improves precision and durability in packaging, addressing productivity and quality control concerns using robotic arms and AI-powered systems.

Internet of Packaging

Smart packaging features such as QR codes, smart labels, RFID, and NFC chips, deliver added security, authentication, and connectivity, transforming packaging into a data carrier and digital tool. This trend facilitates a stronger consumer-brand connection.

Supply Chain Impact

Rising transportation costs and cargo constraints are putting a squeeze on many organizations as they increasingly rely on shipping, making it harder to manage their budgets effectively.


Sustainability in packaging has gained even greater importance, from companies embracing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy, and more stringent regulations, all of which add new challenges for companies aiming to reduce their environmental impact.