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Network supply chain partnership with Whole Foods Market

Network Distribution supply chain partnership with Whole Foods Market

SCHAUMBURG, IL – September 30, 2021 – Network Distribution®, a global distribution organization, is honored to announce a continued partnership as supplier to Whole Foods Market. Trade partners since 2016, Network provides food packaging, store supplies, and front end bags to the grocery retailer, with the goal of creating an outstanding shopping experience for Whole Foods customers. 

Following the launch of a business relationship five years ago, Network became the single provider of store supplies, reducing Whole Foods’ distribution partners from six to one. By consolidating with one distributor, Network provided centralized administrative and ecommerce solutions for cohesion across all Whole Foods retail locations. 

Originally committed to service eight regions across the United States, success of the centralized program led to Network’s award of business for all 11 regions, covering the entire country. This proven ability to meet the needs of a discerning grocer places Network among national distributors highly qualified to support national grocery distribution requirements.

In serving a grocery partner who not only sells food but who creates a culture and experience for their shoppers, Network provides quality, sustainable, customized solutions to support the Whole Foods’ purpose of setting a standard of excellence for food retailers. Network Vice President of Business Development, Dave Smith commented, “Whole Foods joins a group of large grocery partners in Network’s portfolio who require highly customized local service excellence coupled with the supply chain, logistical planning, and strategic support requirements at the corporate level.” 

Whole Foods Market operates 500+ stores in the U.S., across 43 states, with an additional 40 new locations in the pipeline. Network is proud to support Whole Foods Market in their mission to nourish people and the
planet, while they continue to grow sales across all channels including delivery, pickup, and in-store. 

The five year contract renewal is effective 10/1/2021.

About Network Distribution

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